Month: April 2018

YouTube CEO addresses video creators for first time since gun attack

YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki addressed the site’s video creators in a blog post for the first time since a shooting at the company’s headquarters. She acknowledged that YouTube’s efforts to purge the site of offensive content have been difficult for some creators. For the first time since the shooting at YouTube headquarters earlier this month, […]

YouTube shooting highlights complaints from videographers

Nasim Najafi Aghdam, the woman who attacked YouTube headquarters, was part of a sprawling ecosystem of “creators” – the hundreds of thousands of independent producers who upload material to the world’s largest video site. Police said their bitterness over company policies appeared to be the motivation for Tuesday’s shooting that injured three YouTube employees. She […]

Filming on YouTube: Apparent motif highlights tension with video ‘creators’ | Youtube

The apparent motive for Tuesday’s shooting at YouTube headquarters shines a light on the video-sharing platform’s complicated relationship with its most dedicated users – the so-called “creators” who earn a share of the advertising revenue from their videos. Nasim Najafi Aghdam went to the company’s campus in Silicon Valley and opened fire, shooting three people […]

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