Month: July 2019

How Facebook is courting video creators as a trusted source of income

Even by Facebook’s own admission, it hasn’t been a reliable revenue generator for publishers. But Facebook is hoping that’s not the case for its burgeoning class of video creators enrolled in its YouTube-style revenue-sharing program for the past two years. This year, Facebook has made a series of updates to its video platform with the […]

Facebook adds monetization tools to attract video creators – AdExchanger

Facebook is laying the welcome mat for professional content creators by diversifying the ways they can generate income on the platform. Creators can research up to four different revenue streams. They can create subscriber-only paid groups, receive “stars” in the form of fan tips, rent their audience to their branded content partners, and split video […]

Facebook Announces New Options For Video Creators To Make Money

For many online video stars, YouTube is a priority when it comes to the best place to post a video. Facebook is trying to change that. Facebook is sweetening its offerings for video creators, whether they are viral video stars or media companies, attracting them to its platform with new tools to help them make […]

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