Month: August 2019

LGBT video creators sue YouTube over alleged discrimination

A group of LGBT video creators has filed a lawsuit accusing YouTube of discrimination, alleging the site concealed their content, limited their ability to sell ads and curtailed their subscribers. In a lawsuit filed Tuesday in federal court in San Jose, Calif., against YouTube and its parent company, Google, a group of LGBT creators accuses […]

LGBTQ video makers sue YouTube for alleged discrimination

A group of LGBTQ creators sued YouTube and its parent company Google, alleging that the video platform regularly limited their ability to make money from their videos based on their sexual orientation. The lawsuit, which was filed in federal court in California on Tuesday and first reported by the Washington Post on Wednesday morning, seeks […]

Boring Detector warns video editors when they might lose viewers’ interest – and the feature really exists

“The Boring Detector” Yes, this is a feature of video editing software designed to warn an editor when they are in danger of losing the viewer’s attention. So suited to the world of YouTube and social media and the endless possibilities of content that this slightly crazy (clever?) idea made it into a true non-linear […]

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