Month: October 2020

Apple has acquired Vilynx which provides a marketplace solution that helps video creators and editors maximize their video views and more

According to a new report, Apple Inc. has acquired a startup specializing in advanced artificial intelligence and computer vision technology that may be able to enhance its own AI across a number of apps and services. Apple acquired Barcelona-based Vilynx Inc. earlier this year, according to people familiar with the deal. Vilynx has developed a […]

YouTube Copyright Policy: Many Pitfalls for Video Creators | Sunstein srl

[author: Sarah Clough-Segall, Law Clerk] Most content creators on YouTube rely on the fair use doctrine, but navigating the ins and outs of YouTube’s copyright policy can be tricky. This article highlights some procedures in YouTube’s copyright policy that content creators should be aware of. Fair dealing, which was codified in 1976, functions as an […]

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