Month: March 2021

ALIBI Offers Independent Video Creators Hollywood-Grade Professional Music Licensing With New Subscription Plans

ALIBI Music gives independent content creators (YouTubers, podcasters, live streamers, freelancers, local agencies, etc.) the ability to license the same professional music and sound effects used by Hollywood. The leading music library for the film, TV, streaming, advertising and video game industries unveils two new subscription tiers – Indie and Small Business – for intuitive […]

Facebook bypassed video creators of thousands of dollars in ad revenue

Britain Lockhart never knows what he will find when he dives for treasure. His Facebook viewers who tune in for a surprise don’t reveal it either. His page, Depths of History, has grown steadily on the social network since he started posting videos there about two years ago. He now has 70,000 subscribers on his […]

Best Keyboards For Video Editors That Ensure Smooth Content Creation | Most Wanted Products

The humble computer keyboard is often one of the most overlooked parts of your editing devices, but investing in one of the best keyboards for video editing speeds up your workflow and gives you a great experience as well. more ergonomic typing. Editing isn’t even a quick and easy task, which is why you should […]

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