Cut Animations For Street Fighter 5 Beta’s Nash, M. Bison, Cammy, And Birdie Reveal A Bunch Of Unused Attacks

Every video game has ideas and content that were left on the cutting room floor for a reason, and while normally gamers never get to see what they might have looked like, thanks to modern wizards for exploring data and programming is now a possibility.

modder Killbox recently discovered a bunch of unused animations for attacks from early development of Street Fighter 5, and they’ve managed to get them working again to show what Nash, M. Bison, Cammy, and Birdie might have had access to as well .

The most interesting of these found in the SF5 beta files is for Nash, given that he once had his original Somersault special which would eventually be split between his Moonsault and Sonic Scythe for the final game.

He can also be seen briefly standing in his classic Street Fighter Alpha pose, perhaps suggesting he started development much more familiar with what he had become.

Like the previously shown animations for Ryu and Chun-Li, Nash also has data for far-close normals, but only a few.

This could indicate that Charlie is the 3rd character being worked on for the game and the idea of ​​removing proximity normals came in the middle of this development, but that’s just guesswork on our part.

M. Bison’s beta files reveal he was going to have access to his Psycho Crusher special in the early years before he got it back with V-Trigger 2, and his teleports were also going to return – including those that put him in the air .

Cammy seems to have once had a different special called Spinning Ax which appears to be an air kick and was likely reworked later into what her V-Skill 2 eventually became.

Birdie is the weirdest of the bunch with animations said to be related to his V-Trigger suggesting that it originally worked very differently since he can somehow fail and fall to the ground.

It’s super fascinating to see what Dimps and Capcom were doing with SF5 7 or 8 years ago, but it would have been cool to see some of those ideas make their way into the final version – it was probably a good idea to cut off Bison’s air teleport but.

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