Editors Return With AI-Generated Video For New Single “Heart Attack”

The editors teamed up with pioneering director/visual artist Felix Geen, who used groundbreaking AI technology to create an expansive, dark, psychedelic journey in what is an inspiring visual treatment of the track.

Birmingham rock band Editors return with their new single ‘Heart Attack’ and accompanying music video.

The single marks the band’s first release since 2019, and is also their first track since introducing experimental electronic composer Benjamin John Power, aka Blanck Mass, to the band as a full-time member. Power has collaborated with the band before, adding production value to their sixth album Violence.

With a vibrant electronic base, 80s-inspired synthesizers and spectacular drum pads, “Heart Attack” ushers us into a new era of music from publishers, while fitting perfectly into the band’s songbook. His gothic style as well as the dark voice of Tom Smith make him immediately recognizable. “It’s an obsession song, about getting lost in someone, a love song, a morbid love song,” Smith says.

For their return to action, they also teamed up with visual director Felix Geen who produced the fantastic AI-assisted music video.

Felix says, “Typically when I make a music video, I try to tune into the song and find the visual that resonates the strongest. More recently, I’ve been working with AI-generated art in my videos. It is a relatively new technology, but its development is accelerating all the time. The full potential for it to completely revolutionize the visual creation process remains to be seen. I currently view working with AI as collaborating with a crazy author, who took too much LSD. It’s certainly very interesting to be taken on a psychedelic journey by a computer that’s seen too much.

From a band that has always refused to stagnate over its 17-year career, constantly trying out new ideas, ‘Heart Attack’ retains its status as one of the UK’s most intriguing and enduring musical hits. United. All six of the publishers’ studio albums have charted in the UK top 10, with two of them coming out on top. their beginnings, The back roomwas shortlisted for the Mercury Prize in 2005.

Editors will perform across Europe this summer, on a four-month, eight-country tour.

Watch the “Heart Attack” video below.

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