Ford is challenging various creator groups to show what its EV ‘frunks’ can do

The American automaker enlisted the culinary creators of Ghetto Gastro, tattoo artist Suro Shinn and musicians Imani Lauren and Kaelin Ellis to lend their unique talents to Ford front trunks, or frunks, to showcase electric power and extra space they provide.

Made famous by Porsche and Ferrari, the frunk (a portmanteau of “front” and “trunk”) has made its way to countless other vehicles since Kanye West rapped, “You open the trunk, I open the hood, Ferrari” in his 2007 single “Good Life”.

To promote the space and frunk versatility of its electric F-150 Lightning and Mustang Mach-E models – made possible by the lack of a combustion engine under the hood – Ford today unveiled a playful new campaign.

Created in tandem with Wieden + Kennedy New York, the three-part video series sees a handful of influencers and creators from diverse persuasions use frunk in new and imaginative ways. With each episode, Ford aims to talk about a core element of culture: design, food, and music.

“[We] started with very human-centric designs in frunk engineering,” says Todd Fairburn, U.S. marketing communications manager at Ford Motor Company. in our work for the brand, to make it something that speaks to many different creative communities.”

In one episode, the brand challenges Ghetto Gastro, a culinary collective and activist group based in Bronx, New York, to create a hatchback-inspired meal from the frunk of an F-150. Ghetto Gastro team members Pierre Serrao and Jon Gray show up with their vehicles and prepare a gourmet meal including spicy grilled shrimp and a waffle made from ancient grains and cassava, served with limonada de coco, a lemonade creamy and refreshing Colombian.

Serrao and Gray explain the importance of using local ingredients and compare their culinary environmentalism with the eco-friendly Ford F-150 Lightning. “We really want to preserve our home…and not our home just being the Bronx, but our home being the planet,” Gray says. “That’s the lifestyle we try to live. Put only the best in your body – it’s like, you know, when you load the whip.

The Wieden + Kennedy New York team says the campaign’s central message highlights the versatility of frunk. “Ford created the most popular truck of all time – the F-150. And while it wasn’t the first to create the frunk, it was the first to create one with so much power – like, it can even power a home,” says an agency spokesperson. “But we wanted to show people the most practical ways that frunk is actually the bonus space they didn’t know was there. they need. And it’s a kitchen, a tattoo shop and even a recording studio.”

Indeed, in another episode, Ford enlists two musicians who have never met – saxophone prodigy Imani Lauren and funk artist and producer Kaelin Ellis – to create a musical masterpiece using the electrical power of the F-150 Lighting. With two USB ports, four 120V outlets, and the F-150’s power supply, Lauren and Ellis are able to power their electric instruments and multi-level speaker system, ultimately delivering a vibrant, driven rooftop performance. by sax.

The latest episode sees Suro Shinn, a Miami, Florida-based tattoo artist with a huge following on Instagram, use the electric power of the F-150 Lightning – via the frunk’s hookups – to create three unique Ford-inspired tattoo designs.

In recent years, the automaker has stepped up its electrification efforts, a move that could help it reach new audiences and potential customers. “What’s in the Frunk”, the new campaign, aims to extend this effort – by harnessing cultural moments in food, music and design in partnership with young creators of color, Ford is making a marked effort to connect with a different type of consumer than in the past (according to 2018 data, the average F-150 buyer was 55 years old and three-quarters of all new F-150s were purchased by white males).

“Over the past two years, Ford has really prioritized making electric vehicle ownership more accessible to everyone,” Ford’s Fairburn says.

The new campaign debuts today across Ford’s digital and social channels. Additional placements will be rolled out across Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat, Twitter and YouTube.

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