‘Jersey’ line: Bombay HC urges makers to consider giving credit to writer Rajneesh Jaiswal | Hindi Movie News – Bollywood

‘Jersey’ with Shahid Kapoor is constantly facing hurdles ahead of its release — first with its release date, and now when it comes to the film’s writing credits. Screenwriter Rajneesh Jaiswal reportedly approached the Bombay High Court against the film’s release stating that he recorded the film’s script in 2007 and the film is a copy of his script. The directors, on the other hand, said that a Telugu film in 2019 was made with the same script which the writer does not claim as his own, and “Jersey” is just a remake of the Telugu film. . Now, a latest media report says the bench of Judges KR Shriram and NR Borkar of the Bombay High Court has asked the makers of “Jersey” to see if they can give writer Rajneesh Jaiswal credit. The report also stated that only one bench of the Bombay High Court refused to grant relief to Jaiswal, due to which, he approached the divisional bench of the High Court. The bench first pointed out that a Telugu movie is already being made and Jaiswal is not asking for any relief from the Telugu movie but is asking for relief from the Hindi movie which is due to be released this month. The bench asked Jaiswal’s lawyer, Vishal Kanade, “How do you come here with a case he broke?” Kanade replied, “It is my case that I am not a native Telugu speaker and I was unaware of the Telugu film and I am not saying that I waived my claim against the Telugu film.” Moving beyond legal entanglements, the bench asked Kanade to take instructions on what Jaiswal wanted. Kanade replied, “My instructions are, if the other side gives credit, then this suit can be decided.” The court then asked the ‘Jersey’ makers’ lawyer to ‘just consider this’ and ‘think about it’, adding that every time films have been dragged through the court they have bombed the box office. For more news and updates, stay tuned to ETimes.

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