Kazuha’s Signature Sword New Stats And Animations Revealed

The latest Genshin Impact leaks have revealed more information and leaked images of the upcoming 4-star weapon “This is a Sword”. As previous leaks have already mentioned, players can get this new 4-star sword for free.

The new 4-star weapon will be given out for free after completing Kazuha’s new story quest. New leaks have now surfaced revealing footage showing the free 4 star sword passive. The footage shows Kazuha, Ayato, and Qiqi triggering the weapon’s passive, which plays a red animation when activated.

The following article will cover everything players need to know about the latest leaks of Genshin Impact’s new 4-star sword.

Genshin Impact: Kazuha’s Iconic Sword Passive Animation Revealed in Leaked Footage

Credible sources have revealed leaked footage showing Kazuha, Ayato, and Qiqi triggering the new 4-Star Sword passive “This is a Sword”. The sword was speculated to be Kazuha’s 4-star signature weapon since leaks suggest that players will obtain the weapon after completing Kazuha’s next new story quest.

HoYoverse has done this before with Albedo, where his signature weapon, the Cinnabar Spindle, was thrown in Albedo’s first replay in Genshin Impact. Readers can take a look at the Reddit post embedded below to watch the leaked images.

The leaked footage shows the animation and damage dealt when the next weapon’s passive “This is a Sword” is activated. Players will need to attack their opponent with normal, charged, or dipping attacks to activate the passive. The passive will then deal AoE damage equal to 180% ATK% and also increase the character’s ATK by 15% for the next 8 seconds. Additionally, this passive can be activated once every 8 seconds.

If players watch the video carefully, they will notice that the damage dealt by the passive of the weapon is white damage and not elemental damage. After watching the leaked video, many have come to the conclusion that the new “This is a Sword” is very similar to an existing in-game weapon called “The Flute”.

New "This is a sword"  the weapon is similar to The Flute after the nerf (Image via Genshin Impact)
New weapon “This is a Sword” is similar to The Flute after the nerf (Image via Genshin Impact)

These two weapons share similar stats and are also similar in how their passives work. After watching the video, there is a heated debate among players in the comments section of the Reddit post. While some argue that this weapon cannot be a Kazuha-exclusive weapon, others have shared how this weapon is Kazuha-exclusive simply due to its aesthetics.

Games are meant to be enjoyed and there is no need for a character to be built or played a certain way to enjoy the game. Genshin Impact has been around for a year now and has already released over 30 characters and will continue to introduce new characters with each new update. Therefore, it all depends on whether players want to focus more on aesthetics or more on stats to deal more damage.

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