Kinetix uses no-code AI to create 3D animations and secures $11 million

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Kinetix, a Paris-based AI-assisted 3D animation platform, announced today that it has secured $11 million in a funding round. Kinetix, which was founded in 2020, has built a no-code platform that allows web3 and content creators to turn any video into 3D animated avatars. According to the company’s press release, millions of creators around the world can now access 3D creation using the company’s free AI-powered platform.

No-code AI is a category in the AI ​​landscape that attempts to make AI more accessible to everyone. When it comes to AI and machine learning models, no-code AI refers to the use of a no-code development platform with a visual, no-code, and often drag-and-drop interface. No-code AI enables the creation of AI models without the need for specially trained people. Since there is currently a shortage of data science talent in the market, organizations can benefit greatly.

An article published in Forbes Estimates 83% of organizations see AI as a strategic prioritythere for them right now. An increase in demand for AI talent sums up this notion. LinkedIn Search as of 2020 found that the demand for the RN position in the United States increased by 74% over the previous four years. Forbes also claims that AI will create 58 million jobs in 2022.

Building unique AI solutions requires writing code, cleaning data, categorizing, structuring data, training, and debugging the model. For people who are not familiar with data science, it will take even longer. According to studiessolutions with or without code have the potential to save 90% of development time.

Benefits of an AI-powered no-code platform

With the Kinetix platform, anyone can generate full 3D animations to share and embed in virtual worlds, by uploading video clips to the Kinetix platform. This opens up new avenues of self-expression in the metaverse. This then makes the Metaverse more engaging, video game-like, rather than a passive, movie-like experience. Instead of content created for consumption by media outlets and ad agencies, it will mostly incorporate user-generated content (UGC).

With the rapid rise of virtual worlds, there is a demand for simple platforms to create 3D content and monetize it. That’s where Kinetix’s AI-powered no-code technology comes in. Kinetix is ​​designed to allow creators to upload video clips, embed assets from the Kinetix library, which includes assets like Adobe Mixamo and Ready Player Me, choose their design, and have a fully rendered 3D identity. no time!

Kinetix enables user-generated content on Web2 and Web3 with The Sandbox and Zepeto. This enables new forms of expression in current and future metaverses, which will increase engagement and lead to the birth of new types of games and UGC experiences. Anyone can now easily create movies, concerts, band dances, and video games for virtual environments with Kinetix.

“In the metaverse, we provide a platform to foster user-generated content. We empower millions of people to create their own animated avatars and express their individuality in free and exciting ways, making creation quick and easy,” said Yassine Tahi, co-founder and CEO of Kinetix.

Learn more about Kinetix financing

Kinetix’s $11 million seed round was led by Adam Ghobarah, founder of Top Harvest Capital and former longtime executive at Google and Google Ventures.

The funding, according to Tahi, will help the company achieve its goal of humanizing the metaverse. He also said it would boost collaborations with other fascinating virtual worlds such as The Sandbox and Zepeto (both companies helped fund). The promise of Kinetex technology, according to Sébastien Borget, co-founder and COO of The Sandbox, is to enable the development of advanced animations for avatars from any video capture, helping to define the future of digital expression and its monetization in Web3.

Kinetix has also secured investment from top Web3 players like Sparkle Ventures, co-managed by Animoca Brands, Entrepreneur First and successful entrepreneurs like Alexandre Yazdi (CEO of Voodoo), Xavier Niel (Founder of Station F) and William O’Farrell (Founder of Body Labs and Side Effects).

“Kinetix immediately stood out for me, for the quality of the founders, the quality of the machine learning technology, and the breadth of opportunity for no-code AI in video and Web3,” said Adam Ghobarah, founder of Top Harvest Capital.

Tahi said this additional capital is an important step in furthering Kinetix’s mission, as it allows creators to earn royalties on their creations by monetizing them in virtual worlds. Kinetix has raised $12.5 million in total funding to date.

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