Legendary creative team and ‘Cobra Kai’ for the movie

Starting with movies like “mortal combat” and “super mario bros,“Video game projects have fascinated Hollywood since the 90s. While the genre has been a quality mix, there is an argument to be made that there have been very few great movies ever based on a video game, but the studios keep trying. Fortunately, despite multiple flops, some releases did well with audiences, including the “resident Evil” franchise, “sonic the hedgehog,” and “Detective Pikachu.”

So Hollywood strikes again, this time for a video game character you may be familiar with.

According the Hollywood Reporter., a “Duke Nukem“The live-action film is now in development at Legendary. The film production studio secured the rights from Gearbox and recruited the creative team behind the hit.”Karate Kid“Netflix Series”Cobra Kai.” This group is made up of Josh Heald, Jon Hurwitzand Hayden Schlossberg.

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Duke Nukem is a parody character inspired by various elements of 1980s action movies, with the hero being essentially a mix of Bruce Campbell, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bruce Willis, and Sly Stallone. He fights an alien invasion in Los Angeles. The game sees the character travel from strip clubs, movie sets, moon bases, and spaceships while dealing with mutated LAPD officers and the Cycloid Emperor.

The character once caught the attention of John Cena (“The Suicide Squad,” “Quick 9“) as the hulking wrestler-turned-movie actor was strapped in for a “Duke Nukem» project to Primordial in 2018. At this point, it seems unlikely that Cena will end up playing Duke, given that the character is very similar to his DC Comics persona,”Peacemaker.

A search is underway for a writer and director, and one of the “Cobra Kai” team members may end up doing the latter. Another great Gearbox property is also getting a major film adaptation with the Eli Roth-performed “Borderlands” at Lionsgate which features Cate Blanchett and Kevin Hart. This film would suggest that “Nukem” could also attract big names, but that may also depend on the script and the creative team built around it.

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