With a focus on community and long-term benefits, the next round of 5,000 NFTs will be available to mint in Spring 2022.

MIAMI, Florida – April 19, 2022 – Like the team behind The Fighting Rabbits prepares for the next release in its ongoing series of non-fungible collectible tokens (NFTs), one thing is clear: this project represents a new take on NFTs.

What started as an organic community built on the foundation of the creator At Frank La Natra experience as a world famous artist, The Fighting Rabbits has become a loyal following with committed collectors and members from around the world. And despite several NFT Project experts advising the team to appeal to fans’ “fear of missing out” (aka FOMO), The Fighting Rabbits dedicated their efforts to building a community in their own way.

The first collection of the project, Genesis 300sold out within three days of its launch on March 26, 2022. NFTs in the collection are now only available on OpenSea, a digital marketplace for buying and selling NFTs.

Preparations for the next collection are currently underway, with an expected release in late spring 2022, the founders announced on the project site. Discord server this week.

The release will include 5,000 unique hand-drawn images battle bunny NFT, with proof of ownership as an ERC-721 token on the Ethereum blockchain.

“The first collection sold proves that you can build something really big without taking away the value of the community,” said artist and founder Frank La Natra. “And we really take the time here to get to know people individually – anyone can chat with us in Discord and we love being a part of it. You don’t have the same energy in big projects. »

A key and essential differentiator to the success of the first launch is the project’s commitment to its members. From a community-driven DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) and fan-written stories for each NFT, to the camaraderie of Rabbit classes in Discord, community is a key part of The Fighting Rabbits.

“We’re thrilled to be a part of the NFT ecosystem, but our commitment to the community we’ve built is number one,” said Jon Briggs, owner of Food Fight Studios and one of the project’s founding members.

In partnership with an Emmy Award-winning creative studio Food Fight Studios, The Fighting Rabbits The team prioritizes transparency, quality, and authenticity as they prepare for the spring release. These core values ​​are evident in the community.

“This idea of ​​selling yourself without ‘selling yourself’ isn’t just a pun – it’s actually the values ​​we stand for. Staying true to who we are, creating something real and meaningful that people can support and grow in a way that doesn’t betray our community or ourselves.

Notable for collecting, and as part of the engineering of the advanced technology component of the NFT property, collectors benefit from a level of creative engagement not yet seen in other NFT projects, including :

  • Ability to develop and write the backstory of each rabbit in the official fight the bunnies Grimoire
  • Opportunity to participate in the creative development of the project, including storyboards, animation, and virtual reality efforts
  • A signed, sealed and graduated trading card of their NFT (currently exclusive to Spartans)
  • Exclusive roles and titles within the community
  • Early access to typing
  • Access to exclusive NFT “alpha” groups
  • Exclusive NFT news and content

Battle Bunnies Collection Fact Sheet

The next collection (Volume 1) will be available for purchase (“mint”) on the project website this spring. Collectors who want to knock out can access it by joining the community on Discord and Twitter.

  • Launch of the Volume 1 collection in late spring 2022
  • 5,000 unique NFTs categorized into five warring classes, representing over 400 distinctive traits
  • The Volume 1 release builds on the story of the out-of-print Genesis Collection, with each rabbit’s exact class and trait randomly generated and revealed shortly after the minting process.
  • The whole collection is ready to bring The Fighting Rabbits universe beyond the art in an unparalleled narrative fully realized with the construction of animation and virtual reality (VR) experiences thanks to partner studio Food Fight Studios

For more information on The Fighting Rabbits project and roadmap, visit Gitbook or join the project on Discord.

About The Battle Bunnies & Partners

The Fighting Rabbits was created by the husband and wife team of professional artists Christa and Frank La Natra, in partnership with Food Fight Studios, a team of award-winning creators and producers. The project saw the light of day as an NFT series in late 2021, with multiple releases planned over the next two years.

Food Fight Studios is an animation and creative studio specializing in the production of unconventional content. Founded in 2016 by outsiders to the animation industry, the team now boasts numerous awards and accolades, including two Emmy® nominations and one Emmy®-Award win. From short-form content to documentaries, music videos, concerts, series development and more, their work has been seen on a host of media platforms including Spotify, BET, Prime Video, MTV, iHeartRadio and The Apollo Theatre.

In partnership with Food Fight Studios, the team is committed to bringing The Fighting Rabbits universe beyond art in an unprecedented fully realized narrative with the construction of animation and virtual reality (VR) experiences.


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