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Back with their first new music since 2019, the editors are back with “Heart Attack,” alongside the announcement that Ivor Novello award-winning composer and producer Benjamin John Power, aka Blanck Mass, has officially joined the band.

Speaking of the new track, Tom Smith said, “Heart Attack is a song of obsession, about getting lost in someone, a love song, a morbid love song.”

Accompanied by a new AI-generated video created by director and visual artist Felix Geen, Felix says, “Usually when I make a music video, I try to tune into the song and find the visual that resonates the loudest. More recently, I’ve been working with AI-generated art in my videos. It is a relatively new technology but its development is accelerating all the time. The full potential for it to completely revolutionize the visual creation process remains to be seen. I currently view working with AI as collaborating with a crazy author who took too much LSD. It’s certainly very interesting to be taken on a psychedelic journey by a computer that’s seen too much.

Check out “Heart Attack” below.

See the editors live on the following dates:

27 Dauwpop, Holland
Stadtpark 28, Hamburg, Germany

03 Vestrock, Holland
04 In It Together, Wales
05 Sonic Wave @ Forum, Birmingham, UK
17 O Son Do Camino, Spain
24 Mallorca Live, Spain

09 Mad Cool, Spain
14 Electric Castle, Romania
19 Balena Festival, Italy
30 Low Festival, Spain

05 Wide skies and butterflies, UK
14 Hear Hear Festival, Belgium
28 Victorious Festival, UK

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