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TikTok partners with the Cannes Film Festival to highlight Australian video creators

TikTok has partnered with the 75th Cannes Film Festival, giving Australian filmmakers and content creators the chance to be part of the event through the launch of the #TikTokShortFilm contest. Welcoming the Cannes Film Festival to our global community From creative effects, to longer videos, to niche communities like #filmtok garnering over 4 billion views […]

UAE launches new association to protect content creators’ copyrights

Sharjah: The United Arab Emirates has launched the Emirates Reprographic Rights Management Association (ERRA), a unique association of its kind in the region, to protect the copyrights of content creators and safeguard the rights of authors and publishers. The association’s strategy includes monitoring the reuse of printed and digital works in schools, universities, copy and […]

YouTube calls out creators who buy views for their content –

YouTube has called out artists who buy views for their channels on the platform, saying the company removes views exhibiting “bot” behavior. Speaking at a YouTube music event last week, YouTube Kenya communications manager Sharon Machira said the company is keen on the videos’ organic viewership. “YouTube does not allow anything that artificially increases views, […]

Abbie Chatfield slams TikTok creators for posting ‘horrendous’ nuclear war simulation videos

Abbie Chatfield slams TikTok creators for posting ‘horrendous’ nuclear war simulation videos, calls it ‘trauma porn’ that ‘plays a game’ of conflict By Marta Jary for Daily Mail Australia Published: 08:52 GMT, February 27, 2022 | Update: 09:10 GMT, February 27, 2022 Abbie Chatfield has spoken out against TikTok content creators posting nuclear war simulations […]

Nagaland Filmmakers and Content Creators Participate in Training | MorungExpress

Participants of the five-day online training on smartphone filmmaking for filmmakers and content creators in Nagaland. (Photo DIPR) Kohima, Jan. 29 (MExN): The five-day online course on Smartphone Filmmaking for Filmmakers and Content Creators from Nagaland, conducted by the Film and Television Institute of India (FTII), Pune ended on 29th January. The online video conferencing […]

Walton Refrigerator videographers get hundreds of thousands of taka rewards

The authorities of Walton Refrigerator awarded the top three video content creators among the ten who entered the final round of the second season of its video creation competition entitled “Smart Fridge, Smart Maker”. The top three contestants received 3, 2 and 1 lakh of taka respectively as a reward with badges for each, while […]

Walton refrigerator videographers get taka lakhs

The authorities of Walton Refrigerator awarded the top three video content creators among the ten who entered the finals of the second season of its video creation competition entitled “Smart Fridge, Smart Maker”. The top three competitors received Tk 3, 2 and 1 lakh respectively as a reward with badges, while the rest received attractive […]

3 videographers win season 2 of “Smart Fridge, Smart Maker” by Walton

Featured activity report Sun 12 Dec 2021 21:27 Last update on: Sun 12 Dec 2021 21:30 The winners of the “Walton Smart Fridge, Smart Maker-Season 2” contest pose with senior Walton officials. Photo: Collected “> The winners of the “Walton Smart Fridge, Smart Maker-Season 2” contest pose with senior Walton officials. Photo: Collected Walton recognized […]

YouTube releases top 10 video makers list for ’21 – news is my business

YouTube is a central platform for videography. (Credit: Creative Commons) As 2021 draws to a close, it is time to reflect on the specific developments in the high-tech sphere. On the one hand, video has retained its status as the main communication tool in social media. Therefore, YouTube is a central platform for videography. Thus, […]

Make Money on YouTube: Full-Time Video Creators Report

Many of the businesses featured on Money advertise with us. The opinions are ours, but the compensation and extensive research determines where and how companies can appear. Learn more about how we make money. Maybe you’ve dreamed of becoming a full-time YouTuber, posting cooking, gaming, fashion, or travel videos online. According to a YouTube report […]

Gamestry Secures $ 5 Million To Give Video Game Creators A Better Deal – TechCrunch

Barcelona-based video game platform Gamestry has raised $ 5 million in seed funding, led by Goodwater Capital, Target Global and Kibo Ventures, turning investors’ heads with a growth rate of 175 times over. over the past 12 months. While the Spanish-language video game platform (for now) launched a few years ago, in 2018, last year, […]

Here’s how much YouTube has paid video creators in 3 years; consult the new partner program guide

YouTube is undoubtedly the most popular video sharing platform on the internet. The platform has over 2 billion monthly active users along with millions of content creators from different genres such as tech reviews, entertainment, world news, cooking shows, and more. Recently, the platform revealed how much YouTube creators have been paid over the past […]

Revealed! Creators of YouTube videos have made so much MONEY from downloads; can you? Control List

YouTube announced how much money users make from their videos. The amount is $ 30 billion. YouTube Money Policy: YouTube is the world’s most popular video sharing platform, and Google has been steadily adding to the functionality of the service since its launch in 2005. Over the years, YouTube has started to allow creators to […]

Top 9 Free Software For Video Editors

The barrier to entry for creating video content can be quite high because the software required to create such content is usually quite expensive. For example, a subscription to Adobe Premiere Pro can cost you around RM85 per month, while a one-time payment for the latest version of Vegas Pro can cost over RM1,000. However, […]

Facebook bypassed video creators of thousands of dollars in ad revenue

Britain Lockhart never knows what he will find when he dives for treasure. His Facebook viewers who tune in for a surprise don’t reveal it either. His page, Depths of History, has grown steadily on the social network since he started posting videos there about two years ago. He now has 70,000 subscribers on his […]

ALIBI Offers Independent Video Creators Hollywood-Grade Professional Music Licensing With New Subscription Plans

ALIBI Music gives independent content creators (YouTubers, podcasters, live streamers, freelancers, local agencies, etc.) the ability to license the same professional music and sound effects used by Hollywood. The leading music library for the film, TV, streaming, advertising and video game industries unveils two new subscription tiers – Indie and Small Business – for intuitive […]

OPPO and Imtiaz Ali inspire video creators to create outstanding content with Reno5 Pro 5G

OPPO believes in creating an ecosystem through its mobile technology that empowers everyone to become the storyteller, creator and director of their own life. The brand has teamed up with renowned Bollywood director Imtiaz Ali to showcase the wonderful videography capabilities of its latest device – the Reno5 Pro 5G. The short film, titled “Eyes […]

Clapper launched unique, live group features to help video creators better monetize their content

casement “Be Heard. Be Seen. Be Valued.” Message resonates with creators on an ad-free social media platform offering equal opportunity and short videos UNIVERSITY HEIGHTS, OH, USA, Jan. 31, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Clapper, the ad-free, equal opportunity, short video social media platform, today announced the launch of unique new live group features that allow video […]

How did Facebook video makers look at the holiday season this year?

With the year we’ve all had, it’s understandable that many wanted to move on to the holiday season – and content creators were no exception. From November 1 to December 22 of this year, vacation-related social videos generated more than 9.2 billion views on Facebook, according to the video analysis company Tubular laboratories. Although this […]

Top 10 Promotional Video Creators

With the development in the field of technology, video marketing is becoming an effective method to promote and attract customers. Video marketing is getting a lot of attention around the world. Promotional videos are more attractive than a blog post. Promo Video maker always looking for software and applications with a transparent interface that are […]

YouTube Copyright Policy: Many Pitfalls for Video Creators | Sunstein srl

[author: Sarah Clough-Segall, Law Clerk] Most content creators on YouTube rely on the fair use doctrine, but navigating the ins and outs of YouTube’s copyright policy can be tricky. This article highlights some procedures in YouTube’s copyright policy that content creators should be aware of. Fair dealing, which was codified in 1976, functions as an […]

Behind the screens: the invisible struggle of YouTube video editors

One of the main rules of film editing is that it wants to be invisible. If you spot a cut, a reverse shot, a block change, it usually means that the editor has failed somewhat. However, when it comes to high energy YouTube game videos, something really is wrong if you miss it. Quick zooms, […]

Google has a new tool for YouTube, TikTok video creators

Internet search giant google launched a new tool which uses artificial intelligence to crop video using object detection and tracking technologies to intelligently understand video content. The tool, called Automatic flip, is an open-source platform that “analyzes video content, develops optimal tracking and cropping strategies, and produces output video with the same duration in desired […]

YouTube calls on FTC to clarify how video creators must comply with COPPA ruling – TechCrunch

YouTube Asks The U.S. Federal Trade Commission For Further Clarification And Better Advice To Help Video Creators Understand How To Comply With FTC Guidelines Set Out As Part Of YouTube’s Settlement With The Regulator Regarding Its Violations Of Laws on children’s privacy. In September, the FTC imposed a historic fine of $ 170 million for […]

LGBTQ video makers sue YouTube for alleged discrimination

A group of LGBTQ creators sued YouTube and its parent company Google, alleging that the video platform regularly limited their ability to make money from their videos based on their sexual orientation. The lawsuit, which was filed in federal court in California on Tuesday and first reported by the Washington Post on Wednesday morning, seeks […]

Facebook adds monetization tools to attract video creators – AdExchanger

Facebook is laying the welcome mat for professional content creators by diversifying the ways they can generate income on the platform. Creators can research up to four different revenue streams. They can create subscriber-only paid groups, receive “stars” in the form of fan tips, rent their audience to their branded content partners, and split video […]

StayTuned Digital helps video creators publish and measure anywhere – TechCrunch

If you’re a video creator in 2019, you’re probably thinking of a long list of publishing destinations: YouTube, of course, but also Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and many more. StayTuned Digital is a new startup trying to help video creators and publishers get their content across multiple platforms. The company, which bills itself as “content’s […]

“Building 360-Degree Businesses”: How Video Creators Make Money Today

On VidCon’s first morning, around 100 people from the marketing industry gathered in a room at the Anaheim Convention Center to learn more about the craft of a designer today. For one panelist, one solution for the hundreds of creators roaming the lower floors is blockchain technology. “The power does not lie with an arbitrary […]

Facebook expands offerings to video creators to cash in on views

SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) – Facebook Inc. FB.O on Tuesday launched a matchmaking system to cultivate partnerships between advertisers and video creators as the world’s largest social media company tries to quickly parallel the variety of business opportunities offered by its video rival YouTube. Facebook’s logo is pictured during the Viva Tech start-up and technology summit […]

Facebook offers ways for video creators to earn money

Mark Zuckerberg david ramos | Getty Images Facebook is making it easier for video creators to make money on its platform, driving them further away from competitors like YouTube. The company announced in a blog post on Monday that it is rolling out a paid subscription feature and ways for advertisers to find referral opportunities […]

Facebook Watch expands to steal YouTube video creators

Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook Getty Images Facebook is talking about expanding its TV-like service, Watch, to Google’s YouTube rival by opening the platform to more individual creators, according to several people familiar with the plans. This would increase the amount of long-form video content that Facebook can sell ads on and could reverse the […]

Facebook launches the Creator app for videographers – Digital TV Europe

Facebook has launched a new app designed to make it easy for users to create original videos, stream them live, and connect with their community on the social network. Facebook is promoting Facebook Creator as a “one stop shop for creators of all kinds”. The app available worldwide on iOS with an Android version should […]

Facebook Launches New “Creator” App for Video Creators

Facebook today announced the launch of a new “Facebook Creator” application and support site, both of which are designed for people who want to create videos. Facebook Creator is similar to the tools available on YouTube. It is described as a “one-stop-shop for creators of all kinds”, allowing users to create original videos, broadcast live […]

YouTube: Video creators won’t make money until the channel hits 10,000 views

For millions of creators, making videos on YouTube isn’t just a creative outlet, it’s a source of income. Announcing a change to its “YouTube Partner Program”, video creators will not be able to earn money until the channel reaches 10,000 views. The streaming service opened the “YouTube Partner Program” (YPP) to […]

YouTube “demonetizes” certain content, video creators are not happy

A good number of YouTubers who spend hours creating content on the popular video-sharing website are now up in arms to protest YouTube’s enforcement of its “advertiser-unfriendly” guidelines. The platform is now starting to withhold paychecks for videos flagged as inappropriate for advertising. And for those running one or more YouTube channels as virtual businesses, […]

Amazon offers an intriguing competitor to YouTube for video creators

Amazon this week launched a new service called Amazon Video Direct, which allows users to post videos that they can then monetize. The company offers different ways for publishers to earn money from their videos. They can either earn royalties from videos posted for free or put their videos up for sale and/or rental. Where […]

YouTube will pay video creators during YouTube Red free trial

YouTube’s new subscription service, YouTube Red, launched this week, and content creators fear it will cost them money. Although the $9.99 monthly fee YouTube charges users to skip ads is shared with content creators when the service is in full swing, YouTubers fear they won’t get paid during the 30-day free trial. service. The video […]

Rumble takes on Youtube in a battle to win over online video creators

Two new Toronto-area companies cater to video creators around the world and promise ways to make money, but take two different approaches. Rumble.com pays video creators to upload their video to a Youtube-like network and distribute it across different channels with major brand partners. Notch Video invites video creators to create a profile that will […]

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