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Horizon Forbidden West Reusing Animations Is Good, Actually

Recycling animations for a sequel is common practice in game development and allows for bigger changes with less potential for crunch. Forbidden Horizon West recently came under scrutiny for reusing animations from its predecessor, Horizon zero dawn. This criticism seems to be increasingly common when it comes to video game sequels and demonstrates a misunderstanding […]

Horizon Forbidden West reusing animations isn’t a new phenomenon (and it’s not bad either)

IGN at posted a new comparison video for guerrilla games Forbidden Horizon West. The four-minute clip, a look at the biggest changes between the upcoming action-adventure game and 2017’s Horizon Zero Dawn, showed how close the two seem to be side by side. One particular moment has a subset of Very Online Gamers™ debating the […]

God of War Ragnarok needs to improve the repetitive animations of the first

Even with Xbox’s recent acquisition of Activision Blizzard, Sony’s future lineup of exclusives looks very bright. Over the next year, PlayStation fans will be able to play a sequel to Horizon Zero Dawn, Marvel’s Spiderman, and God of the war. Each of these titles has already proven to be one of the best gaming experiences, […]

Aardman Animations Studio is working on an open-world game

Aardman Animations, the creator of stop-motion hits like Wallace and Gromit and Chicken coop, is currently developing an open-world video game. According to a job posting on the studio’s official website (via technical radar), the company has already put together a 3D action-adventure prototype and is now moving forward to turn it into a fully […]

Barcelona-based studio Device sets to music with six animations to celebrate Primavera Sound’s 20th anniversary

Drawing inspiration from musical memorabilia, albums, vintage greeting cards and retro video games, Device has researched each location where the festivals will take place, referencing notable hotspots while retaining the essence of each city. The six spots take us on a musical journey, following festival-goers who travel to Barcelona to see their favorite artists, PortSao […]

China bans most short video creators from using film and TV content

China will ban edited content containing scenes from movies and TV shows in short videos, industry supervisors said on Wednesday, effectively eliminating popular video groups in a move that introduces a stricter regulatory environment for the Chinese video industry. Short videos that compile or adapt clips from movies, TV shows and web series will be […]

A deep learning method to automatically improve dog animations

November 26, 2021 characteristic Figure 1: Blue: Frames from the initial animation lacking the subtleties of real canine movement and containing small errors. Green: Matching images from the ground truth canine motion capture dataset. Red: output after passing the initial animation (blue) through our quadruped animation enhancement neural network. Credit: DOI: 10.1145/3487983.3488293 Researchers from Trinity […]

Fan-Made Project Spider-Man Shows Off Awesome Animations

An impressive early fan-made Spider-Man project shows promising animations for parkour traversal, web-swinging, and wall-crawling. Spider Man the games haven’t always followed a similar formula to each other, but traversal has persisted as one of the colorful superhero’s most unique and enjoyable mechanics. Spider-Man games such as Spider-Man: End of Time decided to retire from […]

Wong Ping’s animations explore desire, demonstrations, deviance – ARTnews.com

In “Wong Ping: Your Silent Neighbor,” the catharsis was an exorcism gone wrong. The Hong Kong-based artist’s captivating animations, six of which were recently showcased at the New Museum, are set in a dreamlike Technicolor world on the fringes of a dystopian city where a group of eccentric characters attempt to peel back the layers […]

The 5 best free online video editors

Maybe you’re trying to edit a video for posting online, or maybe you have a school project or work presentation that needs to be edited. No matter why, there are plenty of reasons why you might need to edit a video. But what if you want to avoid installing bulky software? Video editing software can […]

ALIBI Offers Independent Video Creators Hollywood-Grade Professional Music Licensing With New Subscription Plans

ALIBI Music gives independent content creators (YouTubers, podcasters, live streamers, freelancers, local agencies, etc.) the ability to license the same professional music and sound effects used by Hollywood. The leading music library for the film, TV, streaming, advertising and video game industries unveils two new subscription tiers – Indie and Small Business – for intuitive […]

Quarantine creates new opportunities for videographers, Butter Works report says – TechCrunch

While global home stay orders have been a huge blow to most businesses, they have also created opportunities for businesses that help keep people entertained. So if you’re a YouTube creator hoping to capture some extra eyeballs while everyone else is stuck at home, the online video agency Butter works released an interactive report outlining […]

Facebook Announces New Options For Video Creators To Make Money

For many online video stars, YouTube is a priority when it comes to the best place to post a video. Facebook is trying to change that. Facebook is sweetening its offerings for video creators, whether they are viral video stars or media companies, attracting them to its platform with new tools to help them make […]

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