The best pour-over coffee makers in 2022

It’s always important to consider individual, albeit reputable, reviews when researching what we consider to be the best of the best. Along with genuine customer reviews, we also got reviews from top global retailers like Amazon, Walmart, and Bed Bath & Beyond. We searched for product information provided by small independent businesses and specialist websites in the coffee, tea, food and hospitality industry.

The materials used for each product – metal alloy, silicone, BPA-free plastic, borosilicate glass, etc. – as well as strength and durability have also been taken into consideration. The capacity (how much java fuel) of each brew canister was integral to our choice. (So ​​never fear, there’s a little something for everyone.) Finally, the almighty dollar plays a huge role in determining what makes this list. Our goal, as always, is to find coffee drippers and infusers that are affordable for just about everyone. But there are always some exceptions. (That’s why we have the best madness section.)

The following selection of pour over coffee makers will help you in your quest for what could be the most crucial coffee brewing decision of your life. (Maybe not the more important, but you get the idea.)

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