The best things to do this week, according to our editors: May 2

1. Watch a movie at the Avalon Theater


I haven’t seen many movies lately, but I might change that after my experience at the Avalon last weekend. Anyone passing by KK knows what this grand old theater looks like on the outside. But while the glory has faded from some of those stage and screen gems of yesteryear, the Avalon is in great shape from top to bottom. Soft seats, very comfortably spaced? Yeah. A little table top in your place for your popcorn and refreshment? You know. Twinkling “stars” on the ceiling above the huge screen? Uh-huh. High-end and renovated bathrooms? Yes! And $5 pints of Bell’s Two Hearted Ale? Damn yes! The Avalon is hosting nearly two dozen films in the final days of the Milwaukee Film Festival, which ends Thursday, and features some screenings of the Viking epic The man from the north, also.

2. Watch Trust


I try to watch all the Nicolas Cage movies. Sometimes that means watching fantastic movies like The heart that is in Desert or Adaptation. Other times it means watching…not-so-fantastic movies, like big island or Rage. And other times it means waiting for the latter and getting the former. Trust is a short detective film that Cage made with Elijah Wood in 2016. The couple play cops who decided to break into a criminal hideout. It’s a sleek, funny and stylish modern noir that never fails to amaze with its combination of comedy quality and thrill. Is it the best movie of all time? It’s not Manchester by the sea, so no. But it’s worth the detour.

3. Eat a Kouign Amann


If you’re ever unsure whether eating a sweet candy is really a good idea, don’t think so. Just do it. Your day will be infinitely better thanks to this. For this editor’s choice, I’m focusing on one in particular – kouign amann, an incomparably rich pastry from the Brittany region of France. New York pastry chef Dominique Ansel (creator of the famous Cronut) called it a caramelized croissant. It has that crispy, crunchy sweet texture that blows my mind – and sounds true to Ansel’s description. But the kouign is also more compact and dense than a croissant. It’s pure buttery decadence, one of my favorites in pastry land. Where can you find it in the MKE area? Here: Rocket Baby Bakery (6822 W North Ave., Tosa); and here: Mid-Way Bakery at Third Street Market Hall (275 W. Wisconsin Ave.)

4. Tune in for the Bucks vs Celtics series


I’m not one to watch a lot of sports, but for the past two years I’ve been obsessed with Bucks playoff basketball. In this rec, I’m not addressing you year-round sports fans – you already know that, so watch this video of Giannis Antetokounmpo hosting his Oreos instead – I talk to people who think there are too many games to watch in a season and don’t follow. My message to them: Now is the time. Essentially, the Bucks are the defending champions and they must win four games per series or they are eliminated. That means the stakes are really high! The next two games in the series are Tuesday (in Boston) and Saturday (in Milwaukee). If you don’t have a way to watch at home, matches are played at local bars and in the stag district. I also recommend subscribing to the Bucks YouTube channel for post-game interview gems.

5. Go to the Central Branch of the Milwaukee Public Library


I’m a regular at the East Side branch of the Milwaukee Public Library, but last weekend I went to the Central branch for the first time and – oh my – it’s beautiful. Besides the huge selection of books and the large number of new books on display (like brand new books, just published, which is my love language), the building itself, which has opened its doors to the public in 1898, is a reason to visit all by itself. The exterior of the building is grand, and right inside is a beautiful rotunda that I couldn’t help staring at for a few minutes before going to check out the books. If you have a Milwaukee Public Library card, consider visiting that branch the next time you need to check out a book. If you don’t have a library card, why not? And second, always head to this library and admire the beauty and grandeur of this building.

Central Branch of the Milwaukee Public Library; Photo by Brianna Schubert



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