Unused Character Select Animations Discovered and Restored in Dragon Ball FighterZ

As out-of-the-box fans, it’s next to impossible to truly comprehend how many concepts and ideas remain unfinished or abandoned during the development of a fighting game, and now is one of the few times to have a glimpse of what could have been.

RCBurrito recently made the fascinating discovery that Dragon Ball FighterZ contains cut/unused animations intended for the game’s character selection screen, and it didn’t go the extra mile to put them back in the PC version.

As seen in the video clip shared by the modder, Arc System Works apparently once planned to have characters perform out-of-the-box animation when selected.

Somewhere along the way, however, the developers had to remove the animations for some unknown reason, which can be seen in some fighters like Piccolo, who seem to have been left unfinished.

Instead, the final game came out with characters only taking a mostly static idle pose, so it might have been nice to give things a bit more flair now that we know what we’re missing.

Fortunately, RCBurrito was able to restore these animations to DBFZ via a mod.

Since the small feature was cut during production, this unfortunately means that only the original base list contains the animations actually left in the files.

We find no mention of these animations on The Cutting Room Floor Archive or anywhere else on the internet, this may be the first time this discovery has been properly documented after almost 5 years since the game was released.

This isn’t the only recent plot discovery locked away in DBFZ, as data miner Saitsu also discovered an unused interface and confirmation that Super Saiyan Blue Goku and Vegeta were supposed to have unique costumes in the release files. original beta.

You can find more information about the mod at RCBurrito’s GameBanana Page.

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