US movie editors call for ‘inclusiveness’ in future Oscars broadcasts – Deadline

American Cinema Editors released a video statement today decrying the presentation of film editing and seven other categories as pre-recorded segments during the 2022 Academy Awards, also calling for all 56 videos to change moving forward.

The video opens with a quote from iconic filmmaker Francis Ford Coppola, which sees him note that editing is “the essence” of cinema.

“This year’s Academy Awards left film editors and many other essential arts on the cutting room floor of movie history,” the ACE members wrote in a later statement. “We feel cheated, insulted and angry at the way our art has been deemed superfluous, in favor of bloated performance and spectacle.”

ACE then called on production designers, set designers, costume designers, composers, makeup artists/hairstylists, short filmmakers, sound artists and artists of all disciplines “to join to us to demand fairness and inclusiveness.

“Give us a voice in this process,” the guild wrote in closing. “Let’s work together to find a solution that truly honors cinema and ensures this never happens again.”

The video statement reflects the sentiment of the more than 1,000 ACE members who have expressed to the ACE Board of Directors that they believe that film editing is not treated with the dignity it deserves during broadcast, and that these artists were treated like second-class citizens and deprived of the celebratory experience that other winners had. Members spoke of issues with having artisans’ speeches cut off and ending up on social media before being put on the telecast. Winners in categories such as Best Production Design, Editing, Makeup and Hairstyling, Original Music, Sound, Documentary Short, Animated Short and Live Action Short were forced to show up early to deliver said speeches, only to deliver them to an audience of seat-fillers. Also frustrating was the fact that the speeches shared with the press were abbreviated, rather than presented in full.

AMPA President David Rubin announced the decision to revamp the 2022 Academy Awards, with eight pre-registered categories edited into the final show, on February 22 and saw it meet instant backlash from groups such as American film editors and set designers of America, as well as filmmakers such as Steven Spielberg and Guillermo del Toro. ACE’s message comes ahead of the Academy’s convening of its Board of Governors on Tuesday, to unpack this year’s ceremony with an eye to the next edition.

Check out ACE’s video statement by clicking below.

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