Video editors want Apple to care about Final Cut Pro again

What would you change in Final Cut Pro?

Final Cut Pro seems to be one of those things that every editor has an opinion on. They have different ways to edit. Different things they like to do with the program, and lots of notes on how it works. Well, the one thing they can agree on is that Apple needs to do a better job of listening to them.

Now, a collection of video editors wrote an open letter to the CEO of Apple Tim Cook. They want it to be more proactive in updating Final Cut so that it really competes with similar software.

They want a commitment that the software actually improves, not just sitting around.

‘Marianne’Credit: netflix

What the editors say

Galliano Olivier, editor-in-chief of Marianne, a French television drama series edited in Final Cut and distributed by Netflix, states: “In France, it is extremely difficult to obtain permission to edit television with Final Cut Pro. You can’t use it without fighting producers, directors, post-production supervisors, sound editors, etc.”

Knut Hake BFS, Editor of blood red sky, a feature film distributed by Netflix and edited with Final Cut Pro, says, “I think it would make a big difference to workflow consultants, system integrators, and third-party developers if there was a public beta program for Final Cut Pro. Apple already does this for iOS, macOS and even Safari. This would make Final Cut more reliable and it would be much easier for people to integrate Final Cut into their future projects.

Jeff Asher, editor of big sky, a series on ABC and Hulu, says, “As a TV editor, my job is to be creative and fast. Final Cut is the best NLE for achieving both of these goals. Now we need Apple with a roadmap and an open dialogue with film and TV creators to restore the trust lost over 10 years ago.

Blood Red Skies Forever Netflix
“Blood Red Sky”Credit: netflix

Apple Petition

The petition aims to help all of this by asking for specific fixes and updates that will make the workflow much easier. It ends like this:

We hope you start showing that Apple aims to make Final Cut Pro the best application for editing TV and movies. We believe this could lead to a renaissance of Pro apps as pioneering as your amazing MacBook Pro M1 Max and the M1 Ultra Mac Studio. It’s wonderful that Apple TV+ has become the first streaming platform to have a Best Picture Oscar winner with CODA, but it’s disappointing to know that Final Cut Pro was so unlikely to have been a possible choice as the movie editing application. We hope you will encourage our industry to consider Final Cut Pro as a professional choice for editors of future award-winning TV shows and movies, and for millions of other editors around the world.”

Final Cut Pro has been a hot topic since the switch from FCP7 to FCPX. Love it or hate it, publishers everywhere have cut their teeth on the NLE. Letting it fade into the realm of the “consumer” seems unfair. But let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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