Ziggy Marley says the NRA and gun makers should pay for school security

In the aftermath of the massacre perpetrated by 18-year-old Salvador Rolando Ramos at an elementary school in Texas, Ziggy Marley, among other things, called on American arms manufacturers and the National Rifle Association to pay for security services in all schools in the country. country and wiser gun laws.

On Tuesday, Ramos shot and killed nineteen students and two teachers and injured seventeen others at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas. Before that, the teenager had shot his grandmother in the forehead, seriously injuring her.

Ziggy, who had shared a video of Golden State Warriors coach Steve Kerr advocating for gun law reform while expressing his mortification over the massacre, took the opportunity to rip the politicians on both sides of the divide for being irresponsible in not ensuring the proper laws are enacted to prevent easy access to high-powered weapons.

“18 children massacred at a location in the United States of America by a teenager armed with an American gun of war he bought in a store. A fucking gun of war!!!” the tomorrow people the artist said.

“How does that sound to you?” ? it sounds good ?? last week, ten African Americans participated in a shooting with another American weapon purchased by another teenager in a store. This is society, the greatest country in the world, repeatedly doing nothing to figure this shit out. Oh good? we can’t do better???” he added.

The father-of-seven also put pressure on anti-abortion politicians, who he inferred were deceitful in their feelings of the sanctity of life.

“Where are the politicians on this who claim to want to protect the lives of children by regulating a woman and her body but will do nothing to regulate weapons of war to prevent children from being constantly killed by these weapons in the United States from America 🇺 🇸. the hypocrites 😡😡 they don’t really care about the lives of children 🤬🤬,” he said.

“Look at the history of school shootings in America and the lives of children lost, but these power-hungry politicians are quick to proclaim their complacency about the sanctity of life, but do nothing to address this particular way of dying for our children 🤬🤬 the only lives they really care about them and their family. Our lives, our children’s lives mean nothing to them, that’s obvious…”, a- he added.

Ziggy later predicted in comments that political leaders he called “weak” would sit idly by until the same “cycle repeats itself.”

In response to a follower’s comment that there were no mass shootings in places like courthouses and airports, which are heavily secured, and that it should be mandatory for armed security personnel to be in the schools, Ziggy said that was a good idea as well, and went a step further.

“It’s one thing how about making the gun manufacturers and the @nra pay for the safety of all schools in America…that way schools can use their funds to educate kids properly. But also remember that the racist who killed ten African Americans was shot by an ex-policeman who was security and he still murdered 10 humans, so that’s not infallible proof that we need a multifaceted approach,” he added.

“Even the Democrats are all guilty, none of them are getting a pass from me right now…all are guilty,” he later added.

Elaborating further on his point after a follower asked him if he was pro-abortion and why he didn’t “discuss the hundreds of children killed in inner cities every year,” Ziggy said his concern concerned the selfish inaction of politicians in the face of a clear and present danger.

“I say that high-ranking and powerful politicians are doing something to solve this problem, just like they do anything that is politically beneficial to them. That is what I am saying. Or is doing something about the killing of children by guns not politically beneficial for them? this is what’s happening!!!” the Rebellion Rises singer said.

Ziggy also said there was a need to strike a balance between protecting human life from what he described as “a crushing crisis of mass murder in America and the right of responsible citizens to bear arms.”

“It’s not one or the other like in life itself, we need balance right now, this shit is completely out of balance. There will always be a sick person who commits atrocities, but how do you reduce the chances of that happening continuously and primarily in America,” he noted.

“There is a problem that we all see, even responsible gun owners see it and nothing is being done about it. Nothing of murders, mass shootings, kids shot in their classroom, of weapons designed to kill many people sold in stores to teenagers take human life just on a normal day in society,” he argued.

After a follower claimed that “guns aren’t the problem, it’s people” because people bent on killing will do it whether or not they have access to guns, and will use “whatever what they can get their hands on,” Ziggy replied. that it was exactly for this reason that the authorities had to be judicious in determining who had access to firearms.

“So maybe they should regulate who can get weapons of mass destruction from the store, because people are the problem,” Ziggy said.

“The problem is unique to America this form of child abuse and killing, so whatever needs to be done, let’s do it. Regulate people or regulate guns, do something. fckng prayers don’t work,” he noted.

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