Made In Network will support its creators with an investment of $50 million

Made in network makes a big investment in its creative partners.

The Nashville-based organization, which reaches 70 million subscribers on YouTube, is partnering with two companies to support its growing network of creators. Over the next five years, Made In will provide $50 million to its partners and Made in the studioits in-house branded content store.

To create the fund, Made In is partnering with MEP’s Capital and Cordillera Investment Partners. The $50 million will be deployed in a few different areas: Made In will work with its partners to cultivate original intellectual property, launch product lines and diversify small businesses. The network will also enter the catalog licensing industry, which was started by companies like Spotter and Jellysmack.

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Thanks to this influx of capital, stars who signed with Made In Network after breaking into YouTube will be able to expand their businesses and become cross-platform entrepreneurs. Some of the company’s most notable partners are storytellers Bailey Saryanthe fuss of Cinema sinsand the multiple chefs who hit the kitchen as part of the Babish Culinary Universe. These creators combine to earn approximately three billion organic views per year on YouTube, according to a Made In press release.

“Building a diverse and sustainable media business takes more than capital,” said Made In CEO Kevin Grosch in a report. “Creators need a team with a full set of experiences and skills. We believe in the unique potential of creator-built content businesses. Our company was purpose-built to work as a partner of creators , helping them realize their ambitions and aspirations Made In Network’s unique offering, now backed by long-term investment partners, ensures that elite talent across all digital media formats has everything they need to achieve their goals.

Part of Made In’s investment will go to Studio Made, which launched in 2018. Grosch said the advertising store will be equipped to deliver branded content on “YouTube, TikTok, Facebook and Podcasts,” while designing “product integrations with the best channels”. on the internet.” The end point, as Grosch puts it, will be a “rapid expansion” of Made In’s brand-facing operation, which will be developed in tandem with the network’s creator-facing division. In general, for Made In In, nine, growth seems to be the name of the game right now.

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